About Python tests Maven Mojo

This plugin will allow you to test code in your project using an external tool.


# Install the external tool you want to use locally. This means: Install jython, easy_install, and nose. Make sure a file called "nosetests.bat" is in your path and calls nose. This also allows further customization (arguments, etc.)

# Add the python-test plugin to your build in the test phase:


# Write test code that nose will find

Using other external tools

Although the default tool to use is nose, this is easy to change.

Configure jython-test.program to the desired functionality.

A word of caution: The maven philosophy is to describe what to do, not how to do it. Using an external tool can cause some issues -- don't make it platform specific.

The program is launched in the test output directory. The JYTHONPATH variable holds the test output directory and the main output directory.