Demo project for Python tests Maven Mojo

Demonstrates the use of python tests using nose, behavior tests using freshen (a cucumber clone), and plain java junit tests.

This project demonstrates the Maven-Jython test plugin.


To see or get the code, look at the source repository.

Aims of this demo project

The codebase of the project, including the python code, should be tested for faults. For this, additionally to junit (normal surefire), nosetests is run against the python scripts.


In the pom, the plugin is referenced as a build plugin, in the test:python phase:goal.

We declare nose as the tool to use. This can be seen in the configuration-section of the maven-jython-compile-plugin.

You can use another name here and it will be executed. Putting in "nose" here, or not configuring this part (the default is nose), makes the plugin look for "nosetests.bat".

On unix, provide a shell script (or softlink) named as such in the PATH.

On windows, make sure the jython\bin folder is in the PATH environment variable.


In the src/test folder, you will see

  • a JUnit test,
  • a python tests collection,
  • a .feature file, which is used to describe the behaviour, and a file that defines the language used in the features.

Try it out

Any run that includes the test phase will trigger the plugin.


  mvn test

which should show you that the executable is run and the tests are being performed, as well as the test results.