Demo project for Jython compilation Maven Mojo

Demonstrates the use of needing jython/python with a number of libraries.

This project demonstrates the Maven-Jython compile plugin.


To see or get the code, look at the source repository.

Aims of this demo project

The resulting jar should start python code, that interacts with a java class and loads a 3rd party python library (nose)


We have a Java class, FibSequenceCalc, which generates the Fibonacci sequence.

We put our python code as a library, "fibcalc", into Lib. The main() function lists as many Fibonacci numbers as the library nose has entries.

InitJython loads up jython in various ways.


In the pom, we declare nose as a needed library in the configuration-section of the maven-jython-compile-plugin.

Try it out


  mvn package

which should give you the jar-with-dependencies.jar in the target folder. Run it with

  java -jar <filename>.jar <args> 

Without arguments, you will get a python console.

With "eval", you can evaluate your own code in the second argument.

With "run", you can run a custom python script.

With "script", the integration of python as a Java Scripting Engine is demonstrated.

To find out more, look at the source code.

Other ways

If a jython installation is already on the users computer, one might also call

  jython -jar my.jar

This executes the code.